“Straight Outta Options” depicts presidential candidates thug af in a way I never knew I needed

Tired of watching a presidential run of regurgitated hate, questionable brain surgeon credentials, obvious toupee denial, and talks of email like it’s the year 2000?

Thankfully, someone had the foresight to create a hip-hop parody of the infamous “Straight Outta Compton” by NWA to sum up every the POV of every notable 2016 presidential candidate. From a throwback joke of Sen. Marco Rubio’s klutzy water break, to Donald Trump’s golden soundbite of big wall talk, “Straight Outta Options”, as it’s called, makes watching a debate seem redundant now.

Written by Ross Everett and Josh Niehaus, the parody video just beat  Ted Cruz’s awkward rejection from his own daughter for my new favorite from the campaign trail. Now that the Iowa Caucus is behind us, most of the candidates in this video are sure to drop out soon. So take this time to remember the absurdity a full roster of candidates could bring to the American Public.

As a long-time hip-hop head, and heavy mock gang-sign flashing, feeling way cooler than I really am, listener of NWA, I have to take my bandana off to the writers. There’s plenty of cadence matching the original, and the overall structure is pretty similar to the NWA classic.

Side Note- Tay Zonday, the “Chocolate Rain” YouTube personality? He plays the narrator in the song. I googled him to make sure I spelt his name correct. That dude is 33! Thirty-three!…Thirty-three… How, Sway?

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